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Solar Powered Attic Ventilation

Let your attic breathe easier, especially during the hot summer months, with solar attic fans from Attic Breeze. With these ventilation fans, you’ll prevent higher energy bills, outbreaks of mold, and roof deterioration. 

FREE shipping + plus NO taxes on all orders. Qualifies for federal tax credit (speak to a tax professional for advice).

Here's what one of our customers had to say

“I purchased 2 [solar attic fans], just had them installed. Seems to be pretty good so far! I used one for the garage, even though this is classified for the attic and the garage seems to be cooler than with nothing on the roof other than the eating hot sun!” - Renzo F.

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Which model is appropriate for your roof-type?

 Roof Type Attic Breeze Model
 Roof with composite shingles, cedar shake, flat concrete tiles or other low profile roofing materials Self-Flashing
 Roof with high-profile tile, flat roof, or metal roof where a roof curb may be required Curb-Mount
 Roofs featuring gable-end architecture, retrofit applications where the fan is mounted either behind or underneath an existing passive vent, or wall-mount applications for warehouse or workshop ventilation Gable-Mount or Wall-Mount

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