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GoSun's Story

Starting in a suburban garage, Patrick Sherwin founded GoSun after realizing that the vacuum tubes used in solar water heating devices can be used to reheat his meals. After experimenting with heating his lunch in the tube, he had an a-ha moment and immediately knew he was on to something. Patrick lived off the grid and worked on solar projects for many years, so he knew the idea of creating a solar stove could work.

While volunteering for many charity organizations in Latin America, Patrick knew the struggles those communities faced with energy poverty. So he spent years facilitating energy innovations in the developing world.

Fueled by his mission to bring solar energy solutions globally, Patrick created two businesses: GoSun Stove, which is a for profit business in the United States that sells solar cookers, stoves and grills, and GoSun Global, which is a social enterprise committed to introduce solar power to the developing world.

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