APsystems policy regarding Non-Professional Self-Installers

APsystems requires system installation by a licensed and certified solar installation professional to enable the creation of the homeowner’s system account, activate the warranty and for future troubleshooting and RMAs. APsystems distributor partners do not knowingly sell directly to DIY homeowners for self-installation. If you are considering APsystems for self-install, please be aware that APsystems requires system owners to use a licensed and certified solar installation professional for their solar installation. The APsystems website and product installation manuals cite this requirement in multiple locations and authorized APsystems distributors are aware of this requirement.

Non-professional DIY installers, even savvy ones, do not have the same experience with electrical issues, best practices, current codes and safety standards as licensed professionals and any of which, if improperly addressed, could result in serious damage to person or property. APsystems frequently sees issues stemming from improper installations by non-professional DIY installers

Only professional installers with a legitimate contractor license number, legitimate solar installation business, and fully certified in using APsystems’ products are authorized to set up EMA accounts, troubleshoot the system and request RMAs. We recommend to all DIY installers who reach out to us to find a qualified solar installer for their installation and troubleshooting.

System owners that self-installed and then experience problems will not be directly supported by APsystems. An FAQ available on the APsystems website may help you find answers, however, for system problem resolution and replacement, APsystems requires system owners to use a licensed and certified solar installer.

Please be advised that APsystems does not warranty product installed by non-professionals for reasons of liability, safety and standards. For these same reasons APsystems does not provide system owners with troubleshooting instructions over the phone or email. Any system owner who used a licensed professional will be directed back to their solar installer for support.

Source: https://usa.apsystems.com/non-professional-self-installer-policy/

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