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FAQs About Elite Solar Tubular Skylight Kits

What guarantee do you have that your tubular skylights will not leak?

Our one-piece aluminum flashing is designed to prevent from any leakage to occur. We also silicone seal and screw this flashing on to your roof. For tile roofs we add an additional aluminum skirt to weave along with the tiles and add extra protection against leakage.

What is the warranty on your tubular skylights?

We provide a limited-lifetime warranty. As we try to use the best designs and raw materials to manufacture our product, we guarantee that these components can last up to a lifetime on your roof. However, if ever any such components were damaged due to manufacturer defects, we would gladly replace them for you.

Will there be any heat gain?

Our domes and diffusers are specially formulated with UV stabilizers that block any of the direct sun rays coming into your home. Our Ceiling Kits come with a triple panel diffuser, that will prevent any solar heat gain.

What if I have an obstruction in my attic, will there be any problem with installation?

Our 45 degree adjustable elbows are excellent with getting around air duct tunnels and other obstructions in your attic.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, our tubular skylight kits come equipped with all the necessary components and materials for installation along with step-by-step instructions. You would have to supply the necessary tools for cutting your roof and ceiling, or contact one of our Elite Dealers.

What is the warranty for your attic fan?

Our attic fans also have a limited-lifetime warranty. However, the solar panel has a warranty of 25 years and the motor has a warranty of 10 years.

Can your attic fan be programmed to turn on at a certain temperature?

Our attic fans can be programmed but only if ordered with a thermostat. This thermostat is preset to turn on at 85 degree Fahrenheit and turn off at 67 degree Fahrenheit.

How much light is reflected off of your tubular skylights?

The Prime Silver material, a silver anodized aluminum, used in our tubes reflects light up to 98%, proven not to peel or crack.

What if I don't have an attic, could I still install a skylight?

Yes, the minimum space needed between the roof and ceiling for a tubular skylight installation is 6 inches.

How much light is generated through one of your tubular skylights?

That depends on the size of the skylight and orientation of sunlight.. Please look in our products page for a diagram of the different skylight sizes and approximate coverage area.

Will there be any problems installing with my Home Owners Association?

Our tubular skylights are designed to be low profile and the flashings can be spray-painted to match the color of your roof.

Will I have any problems with condensation?

We’ve designed our dome assembly by adding a protective dust seal that not only will keep dust and small critters away, but allows any condensation to be easily released into the air.

Can I control the light coming in through my tubular skylights?

We provide both manual and wireless electric dimmers for your convenience to adjust/dim the sunlight to a desired illumination. The manual dimmer is non-electric and can be open and closed with a wand. The wireless electric dimmer is hard-wired in your attic and wirelessly transmits a signal to an outlet installed on your wall.

Are your tubular skylights ICC-Approved?
Yes, you can find our ESR-1761 report in
Our tubular skylights up to date with building codes

What hole size are needed to be made on their ceiling and roof for the tubular skylight?

10” Tubular Skylight:

  • Ceiling Hole: 10 3/8” Dia.
  • Roof Hole: 14” Dia.

13” Tubular Skylight:

  • Ceiling Hole: 13 3/8” Dia.
  • Roof Hole: 17” Dia.

18” Tubular Skylight:

  • Ceiling Hole: 18 3/8” Dia.
  • Roof Hole: 21” Dia.

Does the skylight kit comes with a flexible tube that goes from the roof to the dry wall ceiling? 

Unfortunately no

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